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[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Galactic Firebird (1982)(Kansas)
TRS-80 Manual: Galactic Firebird (1982)(Kansas)
Keywords: immedeately; cload; artcr; ffl; file; kansas; corded
Downloads: 20
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (January 1984)

Keywords: printer; buffer; hit; cload; program; data; screen; tne; transmission; tsoterm; printer buffer; cload january
Downloads: 34
[texts]CLOAD Magazine Hype Sheet - CLOAD Magazine
CLOAD Magazine Hype Sheet from CLOAD Magazine. Digitized by anonymous.
Keywords: cload; instructions; program; level; cassette; graphic; screen; programs; cartesian; color; type game; cload magazine
Downloads: 20
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (September 1978)

Keywords: memory; magazine; level; programs; cload; machine; software; program; language; subscriptions; machine language; cload magazine
Downloads: 19
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (June 1981)

Keywords: cload; program; programs; backpack; chromasette; magazine; trending; breakthrough; cloading; filename; cload magazine
Downloads: 25
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (December 1982)

Keywords: program; isar; tasort; modem; cload; model; programs; tne; evasion; connecticut; cload december
Downloads: 34
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (January 1981)

Keywords: program; cload; stringy; subs; decks; disk; floppy; programs; model; basic; stringy floppy; cload magazine
Downloads: 30
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (November 1981)

Keywords: program; meter; loading; planets; cload; resistor; programs; recorder; locations; securities; lower case; cload november
Downloads: 33
[texts]CLOAD Magazine Hype Sheet (1980)(CLOAD Magazine)
CLOAD Magazine Hype Sheet (1980)(CLOAD Magazine)
Keywords: cload; instructions; program; cassette; screen; programs; graphic; level; color; cartesian; type game; cload magazine
Downloads: 21
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (November 1983)

Keywords: disk; iii; gosub; model; tasort; cload; isar; program; model iii; tne; cload november
Downloads: 42
[texts]CLOAD Magazine Hype Sheet

Keywords: cload; instructions; program; cassette; screen; programs; graphic; level; color; cartesian; type game; cload magazine
Downloads: 45
[texts]CLOAD Magazine Subscriber Letter

Keywords: cload; recording; duplication; extensively; subscription; cassette; hum; tape; altairs; levei
Downloads: 35
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (April 1984)

Keywords: cload; tne; program; planet; arena; tank; data; aonth; voluae; print
Downloads: 44
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (July 1978)

Keywords: program; publish; publishing; cload; pesky; dence; glitches; zarbor; tzttw; sloooow
Downloads: 28
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (June 1978)

Keywords: hex; level; pattern; solder; reinstall; program; tone; cload; binary; programs
Downloads: 21
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (November 1978)

Keywords: cload; level; programs; duplicator; announcing; pacific; magazine; cassette; teeshirts; program
Downloads: 19
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (February 1983)

Keywords: program; programs; disk; ler; cload; tasort; isar; compiler; load; basic; super hustle; basic program; tax deductions; cload february; simple compiler
Downloads: 25
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (October 1983)

Keywords: program; disk; pilot; isar; target; iii; modem; tasort; blockout; cload; target number; cload october; tape disk; entry addresses; number chosen
Downloads: 31
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (October 1982)

Keywords: disk; program; tne; programs; isar; tasort; poke; cload; machine language; model; disk usr; disk cass; air nav; cload october
Downloads: 36
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (March 1984)

Keywords: data; program; disassembler; cload; tne; pitchers; coupons; coupon; pitcher; language; machine language; cload march; shopping list; general categories; language program
Downloads: 28
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (August 1981)

Keywords: program; disk; suns; checkbook; exec; iii; model; execute; data; cload; disk exec; cload august; radio shack; alternate source; language programs; machine language
Downloads: 30
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (July 1981)

Keywords: program; peek; cload; fast; string; load; graphics; screen; dimensions; varptr; lower case; fast graphic; fast graphics; cload july; music master; flat flat
Downloads: 27
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (March 1982)

Keywords: cube; zbug; program; tape; cload; load; march; goto; color; bytes; single copies; cload march; robot baseball; alternate source; disk mail; machine language
Downloads: 30
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (October 1981)

Keywords: calendar; program; disk; dategr; input; cload; load; exec; disk exec; iii; calendar demonstration; bowl ing; model iii; cload october; exec patch
Downloads: 32
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (September 1981)

Keywords: rpn; program; banner; push; poke; cload; stack; arrow; rpn calculator; cursor; memory size; cload september; lower case; arrow key; flashing cursor; rpn form
Downloads: 35
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (October 1978)

Keywords: memory; level; bytes; byte; programs; cload; program; scratchpad; location; hike; machine language
Downloads: 25
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (December 1981)

Keywords: program; goto; poke; triangles; loading; append; load; peek; tne; cload; space war; print peek; poke poke
Downloads: 31
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (April 1980)

Keywords: program; loading; tape; subroutine; cload; subroutines; machine; level; stack; load; machine language; tape loading; loading subroutine
Downloads: 19
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (December 1978)

Keywords: computer; tandy; interfacing; basic; shack; colors; computers; circuit; puter; cload; radio shack
Downloads: 22
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: CLOAD Magazine 1984-02 (1984)(CLOAD Magazine Inc)
TRS-80 Manual: CLOAD Magazine 1984-02 (1984)(CLOAD Magazine Inc)
Keywords: model; tne; tab; column; iii; hit; cload; puzzle; cursor; program; pocket puzzle; column cursor
Downloads: 24
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (November 1979)

Keywords: program; list; acorn; typing; cload; data; computer; programs; memory; disk; machine language; radio shack; includes sound
Downloads: 40
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (December 1980)

Keywords: programs; program; billboard; rudder; thrust; set; flaps; cload; data; memory; memory size; rudder engines; flaps rudder
Downloads: 25
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (January 1983)

Keywords: program; programs; isar; tne; disk; tape; cload; tasort; alexis; iii; star fortress
Downloads: 25
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (May 1983)

Keywords: program; isar; tasort; disk; cload; programs; trak; tne; tor; modem; music composer; aux plug
Downloads: 27
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (April 1983)

Keywords: isar; tasort; program; tne; cload; tape; odyssey; programs; disk; modem; aux plug
Downloads: 27
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (November 1982)

Keywords: program; programs; swarm; isar; tasort; variables; cload; disk; tne; iii; single copies; basic program
Downloads: 28
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (February 1984)

Keywords: model; tne; puzzle; column; program; hit; cload; tab; points; cursor; pocket puzzle; column cursor
Downloads: 41
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (June 1980)

Keywords: program; disk; computer; cload; programs; computers; favorite; cassette; level; basic; statement lines; machine language
Downloads: 36
[audio]oida-wa - oida
oida: Wa- recorded live at the space desert in 2006
Keywords: audio indie electronic ultimate jutsu cload river garden butterfly gold rainbow
Downloads: 49
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (July 1982)

Keywords: cload; program; aux; iii; disk; mod; lemons; lti; venerian; lfl; trend calc; tech services; lemons tech
Downloads: 47
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (November 1980)

Keywords: loop; program; programs; cload; ledger; disk; routine; goto; machine language; info; memory size; dos basic
Downloads: 26
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (September 1979)

Keywords: program; cload; parking; conduit; concrete; dirt; length; address; parking lot; path
Downloads: 20
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (June 1982)

Keywords: iii; poke; model; disk; cload; tasort; isar; program; cube; modem; model iii; double precision; color computer
Downloads: 36
[texts]TRS-80 Computing - Vol. 1 No. 3 (1979)(Computer Information Exchange)(US)
TRS-80 Computing - Vol. 1 No. 3 (1979)(Computer Information Exchange)(US)
Keywords: trs; trsi; level; program; shack; disk; radio; programs; computer; cload; radio shack; income tax; cload magazine; star trek; trsi trsi; disk basic; expansion interface; machine language; lunar lander; trsd income
Downloads: 92
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (September 1980)

Keywords: program; programs; cload; hex; dos; basic; disk; level; load; organ; hex display; month remaining; basic programs; escape cover
Downloads: 25
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (May 1982)

Keywords: program; disk; model; cload; keywords; demo; machine; crossdex; machine language; commands; disk system; model iii; disk users; math drill
Downloads: 27
[texts]Aquarius Guide To Home Computing - Radofin Electronics (Far East) Ltd. 1983
Product Manual for 1983 Mattel Aquarius computer and programming 1982 Microsoft Basic S2. HTML upload of text and images.
Keywords: mattel; aquarius; computer; z80; zilog; programming; games; BASIC; 1983; microsoft; product; manual; instructions; ascii; csave; cload; chr$(11)
Downloads: 62
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (March 1980)

Keywords: subroutine; program; instruction; iiiiiiiiii; expansion; clock; printer; cload; interrupts; poke; real time; expansion interface; time clock; interrupts instruction; main program
Downloads: 19
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (June 1983)

Keywords: program; variable; isar; delete; cload; byte; lines; tasort; basic program; modem; variable table; variable pointer; aux plug
Downloads: 36
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (August 1980)

Keywords: program; cload; disk; type; shack; basic; break; goto; characters; acorn; basic program; characters long; radio shack; changing patterns; patterns cover; break key
Downloads: 25
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